Retain24's is made to be simple. It is easy for you and your business to adapt to, implement, update, review, market and use. For you, and for your customers too.

It should be

simple to choose, and to use.

Retain24's system is just as easy to customise for the varying conditions of different businesses as it is for businesses and consumers to integrate, update, review, promote and use. Long story short, it's made to simplify things

The database keeps track of economic values, various types of retail valuables and periods of validity. The system then gives cashiers and finance departments access to any relevant information they might need. Secure, simple and flexible. Retain24 partners with a large number of checkout systems, which allows us to offer smooth solutions and transitions between different systems across multiple countries within and outside of the Scandinavian market.

Everyone wins

While simplifying things for yourselves, you also make your business more accessible to your customers, for example by giving them the opportunity to find and purchase your gift cards in more and new places. And you make it easy for them to redeem and top up their gift cards, both instore and online. A smart and convenient way to reinforce your brand.

Yellow gift card from Retain24

of gift card holders have never before visited the retailer for which they received the gift card.

gift cards make things
much smoother
for both the customer
and the retailer.