Security is important; Financially and functionally. Retain24 guarantees a smooth technical transition and provides you with the security of gift cards that are topped up at the point of sale.


security advantages

Electronic gift cards have more security benefits besides the fact that they are topped up at the point of sale. They minimise waste and make counterfeiting difficult, while they are safer to manage than traditional gift cards. We guarantee a smooth technical transition from your current gift card solution, with secure and convenient options and an uncomplicated import of your current gift card data. The process will be unnoticeable for your customers, and won't interfere with business.

Full control, in real-time.

Retain24's database keeps track of economic values, various retail valuables and periods of validity. Real-time reporting of transaction history, activation, redemption and expiration dates gives finance departments access to all relevant information. The interface makes it as easy to carry out individual transactions as to centrally activate and void one or more gift cards. Access to the system is granted through security certificates. The security certificates give different authorisations to the system depending on everyday user needs.

We develop our services continuously to ensure our customers always have a safe and up-to-date solution for their gift cards.

Yellow gift card from Retain24

of everyone that receives a gift card is happy with their gift.

Our services should always be safe, functional and workable for our customers. Today and in the future

Claudio Simatovic, Retain24