Raise awareness of your brand and increase traffic to your stores by allowing others to sell your gift cards. Through our retail partners, you can easily reach more people.

Let others promote you.

Reach more customers.

Retain24 opens up great opportunities for display, sales and marketing of gift cards outside your own retail outlets as well. In collaboration with our partners we can offer more and new effective channels for additional sales, both online and through external retailers. You can reach more customers, increase awareness of your brand and increase sales by allowing others to display and sell gift cards to your store. You might want them to be sold at Pressbyrån, 7-eleven, ICA, or Axfood. Or maybe you'd prefer for them to be distributed digitally through, for example, Facebook.

Retain24 is a turnkey provider that goes beyond providing analysis, production and distribution services for your gift cards. The nature of any solution depends on your particular situation and needs. For example, do you own a small shop or are you a part of a larger network? Actually, it doesn't really mater. Our electronic card systems work just as well for independent shops as they do for entire shopping centres and sports arenas. Nationally and internationally

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of all gift cards in the world are sold by a third party.

Some companies have doubled their gift card sales through third party distributors

Professor Dan Horne, Providence College, Rhode Island, USA