Gift cards are often one of the most profitable products for retail outlets. That means a lot can be gained by switching to electronic gift cards.

Make a good sale

even better

Surveys show that gift cards top the lists for most wanted and most appreciated gift more times than not, and they're also profitable for businesses. Retain24 can modernise gift card management, for companies and their customers. Our gift card solutions generate customers and increase sales for individual shops, as well as for shopping centres, city centres and sports arenas.

Display your gift cards and increase your sales

Electronic gift cards are both more secure and less expensive to manage than traditional gift cards. Since the cards is topped up by the cashier at checkout, you no longer need to hide them as retail valuable and can instead display them out in the open however you please.

You could even let others display and sell your gift cards.
Regardless of your needs, Retain24 has a solution for you.

Orange gift card from Retain24

A gift card - The perfect gift


of everyone that receives a gift card are happy with their gift.

A gift card
is not a product
you just sell; it's a sales and marketing tool

Professor Dan Horne, Providence College, Rhode Island, USA