Small or large volumes? Instore or online? With our flexible platform, we customise gift card solutions to seamlessly meet the needs of retailers and customers.

Let your requirements and

wishes guide you!

Retain24's turnkey concept is both scalable and adaptable. With our well-thought-out platform, we can easily customise gift solutions that are proftable for your business and attractive to your customers. Regardless of your current checkout and gift card solutions.

The system's integrated flexibility enables us to develop simple and relevant solutions for small and large chain stores, sports arenas, shopping centres etc. in all the countries where your customers operate.

Our flexible system also offers great possibilities for the display, sales and marketing of gift cards, both within and outside of your own retail outlets, for example in the form of new effective additional sales channels, online and through external retailers.

Yellow gift card from Retain24

The average supplemental sale that gift cards generate.

We chose Retain24 because their gift card system offers so many possibilities.