Increase sales by displaying, exposing and showing off your gift cards! Electronic gift cards have no value before they're sold, which allows for new ways to display them.

Show off

increase your sales

After taking the time to dress your gift cards in the company colour, customising them and adding content, you'd be crazy not to show them off. One of the major benefits of electronic gift cards is that they can be exposed in new ways that traditional cards cannot.

New exposure methods

Since the cards do not have a value until they're topped up at check out, you no longer need to hide them as retail valuables. Instead, you can safely display, expose and show off all your cards in order to increase sales. With stylish packaging and signs, you can further increase the awareness and attractiveness of your gift cards. The possibility to display gift cards also creates new purchase opportunities. By strategically making the cards visible, you change their position from being solely planned purchases to also being the subject of impulse purchases.

We are happy to share our knowledge about ways of displaying your gift cards and offer gift packaging, as well as a variety of different kinds of display stands for cash registers, walls and floors.

Pink gift card from Retain24


300 %

can you increase your sales.

Why settle for just planned purchases, when one can expand to increase impulse purchases? Strategic display of your gift cards creates new purchase opportunities