Cost-effective, secure and user-friendly management systems for electronic gift cards.

Fast and flexible organisation

with big customers

Retain24 was launched in 2005 and has gained a great many customers since then. Today we work with over 100 different brands, several of which are established in the European market.
Retain24 provides a secure, simple and flexible system for managing electronic retail valuables such as gift cards, merchandise credit, bonuses and special offers.

Our vision is for Retain24 to be the best and most complete gift card provider around, and to constantly be developing modern and attractive services for consumers. By following through with these, we'll generate value for your customers.

Through Retain24s subsidiary Presend, we can now offer Visa gift cards that can be used in more complex environments such as shopping centres, city centres and sports arenas.

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Purple gift card from Retain24

We chose Retain24 because their gift card system offers so many possibilities.