Electronic gift cards generate traffic

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Electronic gift cards are so much more than just a gift. They generate an average of 40% more in sales and bring new customers into your shop. On top of that, customers that use electronic gift cards are less price sensitive. Simply put, it's an all-round great product.

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Electronic gift cards

An electronic gift card provides the recipient with a great selection to choose from and, because of this, surveys show that gift cards top the lists for most wanted and most appreciated more times than not...and they're also profitable transactions for businesses. Retain24 is modernising gift card management for companies and their customers. Our electronic gift card solutions generate traffic and increase sales for shops as well as shopping centres, city centres and sports arenas. Retain24 supplies a simple, secure, and flexible system that will fulfil your current and future needs.  

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As a turnkey provider, Retain24 offers more than just electronic gift card systems. An electronic gift card generates customers and is an excellent tool for sales and marketing. We consider it our job to help customers achieve the targets they set for their gift card program. So we'll help you out with everything from analysis, card design and production to systems and displays in your own shops and/or at retailers. All so that you can maximise your gift card sales.

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Small or large volumes? Physical or internet sales? With our flexible platform, we customise gift card solutions to seamlessly meet the needs of sellers and customers.

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Retain24's gift card solution is made to be simple. It is easy for you and your business to adapt to, implement, update, review, market and use. For you, and for your customers too.

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Security is important; Financially and functionally. Retain24 guarantees a smooth technical transition and provides you with the security of gift cards that are topped up at the point of sale.

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